Thursday, January 23, 2020

Geometry Box

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As  school students we all encounter a  Geometry Box, a tin box containing Geometry instruments like a 15cm ruler, called ' futta' in colloquial language, a divider, a  pair of compasses called 'parkaar', a pair of set- square, a protractor called 'D', and an eraser . These instruments came handy in drawing angles in geometry and were indispensable. In our time Globe was the most popular brand of  geometry box which cost Rs.3/- . Periodically the box had to be replaced as through  constant use, the divider and the compasses got loose or the markings on the set square &  the 'D' got erased.
I remember getting a number of boxes, time to time.
  • Years later , it was amusing to find the word mentioned when I was associated with a Revenue Officer during probation/ training. The Officer, a kind human being who hosted me for quite a number of days was said to be calling out the orderly asking for the ' Geometry Box' . It transpired that the Geometry Box was a quarter  of liquor  kept at some place known only to him and the orderly. During the days I spent with him , I found him an abstainer though he was given to drawing on a  hookah in leisure time .

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