Thursday, January 9, 2020


Post retirement it is an advantage to be sitting at home during snowfall and not venturing out till roads are cleared of the snow. Mercifully  , as students also we had full two months of vacation in January and February. During service, no such advantage was there and had to brave it out to reach office and come back one piece. The less fortunate had a fall with resultant injuries.Sadly, only yesterday a young man lost life at Shimla in a car accident. Snowfall is necessary for ensuring ample water for Agriculture & fruit crops , but  comes with attendant miseries also. Cold conditions due to drop in temperature
become unbearable for the older people. Good as long as power supply is regular and uninterrupted. Fuel wood burning especially in urban settings is a thing of the past.
A caution to those who have to walk on snowy terrains- ए भाई ज़रा देख के चलो ......

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