Saturday, September 5, 2020

Teachers Day Musings

 It feels good to recollect that I too had been  a teacher albeit for only a few months. The year was 1975. I called it quits after completing Post Graduation in English , though I was advised to do M. Phil. by  some well-wishers. Somehow teaching did not attract me. 

A friend who came to know that the Shimla Public College aka  Jain Academy, situated below Kali Bari Temple and  adjoining SBI Shimla  needed an English teacher, asked me to have a try. The next day I went there. The owner- cum-  Head didn't ask me for certificates even and told me to start teaching from the next day. I was to take classes from Xth  to B.A. final  , there being eight periods of 30 minute duration each. It was  an all girl institution . The real challenge was to teach Class X. Somehow I started  teaching and came to like it. I had to make necessary preparations every day ,   so as not having to cut a sorry figure in the class. I taught text books, grammar and composition as per the requirements of syllabus I can say I taught well  as there was good response from the students and the Head, Dr. Jain also seemed quite satisfied. Whatever I was given as remuneration was enough as pocket money . I taught for one session only as I had to think seriously about a regular non- teaching job which eventually I got. Although for a short time, teaching was a rewarding experience.

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