Saturday, July 9, 2022

ॐ साईं राम

 ॐ साईं राम !

A visit to the  Shirdi temple yesterday is the fulfilment of a cherished dream especially for my better half. The 400km or thereabout  two way journey was a bit tiresome but worth it. The mobiles and other elecronic gadgets are not allowed inside understandably so, but to our surprise the prasad and other offerings in kind are also not allowed though the shops do a good business of selling various things. We had left our shoes and mobiles in the car. Parking however was not an issue. We were lucky to be told that there was comparatively less crowd of devotees.The zigzag passage with steel railings on both sides was full of devotees and visitors but there was no need felt to sit and rest on the steel benches fixed all along on one side due to less gathering .

One more interesting thing,  along the way  on the roadside the shops display attractive  big sign boards of  'चाह ' but we the North Indian tea enthusiasts  are in for a surprise when tea  / coffee is offered in ultra small disposable cups, roughly one fourth the size of cups we are used to. But both tea & coffee are very tasty.

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