Wednesday, February 23, 2022


 The very beautiful and talented Bollywood actress Madhubala, who was the heart throb of millions in her life time left this world this day fifty three years ago aged 36 only.

Much has been said and written about her films, acting, initial struggles, unhappy life and her illness. Lately I came across one of the lesser known facts of her life that increased my admiration for her all the more.

It is said that though a practising Muslim, she had great respect and reverence for Guru Nanak Dev ji and Sikhism  in general. She always carried in her bag or purse a copy of the book of hymns called Gutka in Persian script.

She made sure that every year she was present at the Gurudwara  at Andheri in Mumbai on the occasion of Gurpurab. She would sit engrossed in Prayers for hours at the said Gurudwara and perhaps contributed in cash or kind out of devotion. 

She would ask her Producers and Directors to fix her shooting schedule accordingly so as not to miss the occasion.After her death, her father Ataullah Khan continued to be a part of the occasion.

It is said that every year on the occasion of Gurpurab, Ardas is done for her in the Andheri Gurudwara, Mumbai.

Such was her devotion.

Our humble tributes !!

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