Friday, February 23, 2018


Today is the death anniversary of  Madhubala, the very beautiful and highly talented actress  of Hindi Cinema.Born  Mumtaz  Jehan Begum Dehalavi on 14th February 1933, to a Pushtun family in Delhi, the family later shifted to Bombay. A fire accident in 1944 destroyed everything in their household though fortunately the family was saved as they had gone out to watch a movie.
At an early age , Madhubala started making the rounds of film studios  in search of work.
In 1942,when she was just nine, Kidar Sharma cast her in the film Basant which was a huge success.Thus she was launched on a film career and she became a sought after actress.
Initially she was cast with Mumtaz as her name. It was Devika Rani who gave her the name Madhubala that eventually stuck.She went on to act in films like Mahal, Amar, Mr.& Mrs.55, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Dulari, Tarana,  and Badal.Her fame as a beautiful and talented actress having travelled worldwide, the noted director Frank Capra offered  to take her to Hollywood but  her father Ataullah Khan declined, thus putting the lid on what could have been an International film career for Madhubala.
Madhubala co-starred with all  known male and female actors/ actresses of her time namely Ashok Kumar, Rehman, Rak Kapoor,Pradeep Kumar,Sunil Dutt,DilpKumar,Dev Anand as also Kamini Kaushal, Suraiya, Geeta Bali, Nalini jayant, Shyama and Nimmi .
She worked for producers/ directors like Mehboob Khan, Guru Dutt,Kamal Amroha and K. Asif.
Her filmography also includes films like  Shirin Farhad, Howrah Bridge,Faagun, Kala Pani, Barsat Ki Raat, Neel Kamal ,Beqasoor,Raj Hath, Yahudi Ki Ladki, Do Ustaad,Mughal-eAzam, Half Ticket and many many  others.
Having reached the pinnacle of fame and popularity as an actress, Madhubala was not as lucky on the personal front.
Her romantic relationship with Dilp Kumar  could not mature into matrimony due to objection fro her father. Next, tipped to marry Shammi Kapoor, the plan failed as Madhubala's father eyed it more as a business venture. Finally she married Kishore Kumar in 1960 but with disastrous results. Kishore Kumar treated her badly often giving her beating.Towards the end of 1950s her health had started declining as she had a hole in her heart. Unfortunately, the gravity of situation was not realized either by her directors or her family. Subjected to gruelling acting schedules further worsened the situation and she died  this day in 1969 aged 36.
This was a tragic end of Madhubala, who was feted as 'The Venus Of Indian Cinema'.
Our humble tributes !

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