Monday, July 30, 2018

Morning musings

As I wake up in the morning to a day with a clear weather and sky, these small birds and their sweet tweets seem to be the only sign of life besides our own. When I open the door to welcome the dawn and the day, two or three of them intuitively start flying to and fro, an indication that I give them something.
A handful of rice grains scattered for them on the ground immediately causes them to swoop down, sometimes 60-70 in number to pick up grains.It is not easy to take a shot of a large group as the slightest movement or indication thereof , makes them fly away in fright , though one or two remain there. Reassured by their presence, the other also come again to have their repast . It is a pleasure watching them .At the same time one is left wonder struck at the amazing variety of animal and plant life obtaining on this planet !

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