Sunday, October 6, 2019

Durga Ashtmi

Today is the  8th day of Navratri known as the Durga Ashtami .The Scriptures and Holy books ordain Kanjak Puja or the worship of nine Kanyas on the 8th & 9th day of Navratri.Unfortunately there is dearth of Kanyas to fulfill this religious requirement and people have to make do with whatever number is available, most of the time even one.
This time the lady of the house has chosen to observe fast on all the nine days . There has been tacit resolve to prepare food without the use of onion and garlic. An avowed vegetarian, I willingly gave in and am  taking food prepared without onion and garlic.This has not made much difference taste wise.
This gone week saw the demise of Viju Khote, the popular Actor of Hindi and Marathi films.The social Media was quick to report this by flashing pictures of the Actor even before the other media chose to chip in.It was a surprise of sorts for me to know that Viju Khote happened to be the Actor who played Kalia in the iconic film Sholay. I have seen only some parts of Sholay. The characters of Gabbar, Kalia, Thakur as also of Basanti came centre stage mainly because of the dialogues mentioning their names. 'Tera kya hoga, Kalia !' uttered by Amjad Khan playing Gabbar immortalized both Kalia & Gabbar.

Humble tributes to the departed Actor !!

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