Sunday, October 13, 2019

KBC- Karamvir

As I sit down and set about to write, the lady of the house barges into the room and asks me to do a small chore. I tell her I am writing Sunday Musings.Pat comes the quip ,"What is so special about your Sunday ? Aapke to Sunday , Monday sab barabar hain !" Meaning I am on a perpetual holiday. She is right, I dare not disagree.Nothing to look at by way of achievements, I am the quintessential example of a person so beautifully described by the poet Akbar Allahabadi-
हम क्या कहें अहबाब क्या कार- ए- नुमायाँ कर गए
बी. ए. हुए, नौकर हुए, पेंशन मिली और मर गए ....
No wonder I envy people who achieve so much in life !

I donot watch much of TV for the obvious reason of the kind of stuff they offer, be it news , serials or other boringly  monotonous programs.I do make some exception about the KBC, telecast on Sony TV Channel as the program has much of valuable content as far as General Knowledge is concerned.This gone Friday , the Karamvir segment of the KBC featured Deepa Malik and Manasi Joshi, the two Women athletes who despite being physically challenged have done India proud by emerging as Champions in International Sports Events.  Deepa Malik, paralysed below chest is on wheelchair .She is into  short put, Javelin throw and motor sports and is a medalist in all. Her extraordinary feats in Athletics belie her being 49 years of age . She is the first Indian woman to win a medal at Para athletic meet. Manasi Joshi , a qualified engineer met with an accident and lost a leg. Undeterred by  this physical challenge, she took up sports and is a World Woman  Para Badminton Champion. Looking at their achievements, I felt  myself dwarfed , quite naturally. They're the real Karamvirs- a far cry from our bragging , lying, arrogant ,presumptuous  bhashan vir politicians.

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