Thursday, July 16, 2020


With the cumulative figure of Corona inflicted persons in India, touching One Million mark, it is now clear that the dynamics of Corona Virus evades and defies all explanations. In the beginning we had a 21 day complete lockdown in the hope that this would break the chain of infection. Subsequent lockdowns resulted in the slowdown of economic activity resulting in tangible losses at the micro and macro level. We also saw the tablighi jamaat issue being blown out of proportion and hyped by the Media. Then there was the issue of migrant labourers forced by circumstances to return to their homes covering hundreds of kilometres on foot and en route being subjected to hunger, thirst and police atrocities.They were also projected as potential carriers of viral infection far and wide. All these projections and fears seem unfounded. The emergence of Dharavi in Mumbai with a high population density as a hotspot raised alarm, quite understandably . As of now, Dharavi has got over the crisis rather miraculously though serious government efforts were made.
Strangely for days and months now, there is no press conference on the issue by the concerned Ministry and other concerned Institutions and organisations of the Government . Seems we have accepted Corona as a way of life. However it is amply clear that we are ill equipped to handle the situation once it gets out of control. There are news of a vaccine having been developed in Russia and UK but how long it will take to make the vaccine available for public use is not yet known.
I- why me ?
Corona- why not !
Stay home ; stay safe !!

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