Tuesday, July 21, 2020


I have mentioned earlier also that  S.D. Higher Secondary School, Ganj Bazar , Shimla was  my alma mater for seven years. Most of the time our way back home was  by the side of St. Thomas's School , a Girls' School .
Once I  got issued a Hindi book of folk tales  from the School library . The title of the book was दक्षिण की मीरा or perhaps this was the title of one of the stories. Reaching home, when I opened the bag , the book was missing .The book had slipped out of my bag. This left me high and dry as this was the height of unintended negligence. This was not so much  about the cost of the book or the fine that I would have to pay , but about the fact  a library book changes so many hands and so many students derive pleasure  or benefit as the case may be. I had time to face the consequences. The  next day I told my friends especially Bharat Bhushan who used to accompany me half way through , as his residence was in another direction.
After 2-3 days , Bharat Bhushan, the said friend was too glad to hand over the lost  book, much to my relief . It so transpired that while coming to the school, he saw a girl from St. Thomas reading the book  and talking about it with another girl accompanying her. A word or two falling in the ear of my friend made him cautious and with a rare presence of mind he asked the girl to return the book. The well meaning girl had no reason to refuse when the library stamp on the book confirmed the claim. The book had slipped out of my bag and fallen into right hands.
Miracles , big or small do happen !

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