Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Corona or Covid 19 has  affected our lives in more ways than one . Generally it is the fear psychosis of one kind or the other that has taken in its grip all of us .
A visit to the barber to have a hair cut seems to me a thing of the past for obvious reasons. I donot bother about this as length of the hair hardly seems to matter due to the thin growth. Of course I shave daily as the prospect of growing a  grey beard around the face simply  puts me off. I try my best to live in my comfort zone but the lady of the house hardly digests this. Her sneers and jeers at my unkempt hair sometimes become too much to bear. It's another matter that  even if I wanted to ,she  wouldn't let me go out for a hair cut . At the same time she dare not  give  me a haircut with the scissors so fondly bought by her. But she must dye my hair periodically to feel better. The dark dyed hair hardly match with the furrowed face with crow feet forming on the outer  corners of the eyes.The fresh dyed hair do instil  a sense of well being only for a few days, after which the coming up new growth forms a hair band like silver ring around , that increases in width day by day. I envy the people, some of my friends included, who carry the silver gracefully on their head, not lacking in elegance.

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