Wednesday, March 3, 2021


 Today marks the completion of one year of my ' Home Stay'. The last I step out of home to venture out was  on March 4, last year. Though the presence and menace of Covid 19 Pandemic was officially recognised in the last week of March, I had stayed put, as if by intuition, much before.With no social life worth the name, this has not been much of a deal. The Lady of the House, has been taking care of bringing and arranging grocery and vegetables. All the periodic bills of water, electricity, telephone and recharging of prepaid mobile etc are done on-line, so there is no need to step out for these small chores. 

 The last twelve months have been of upheaval,disturbances,economic slowdown, loss of employment for a very large number of people, being underpaid  for work done personal tragedies for many 

due to near and dears falling fatal victim to Covid and last but not the least , a kind of totally uncalled for stigma of testing positive, and resultantly being subjected to quarantine.

Many of the people have put up a brave front , some creative people seeing an opportunity to come out with poetry collections and the like. 

Some god sent good Samaritans rendered yeoman's service in the shape of free food, rations to the needy. Many of the Corona warriors succumbed to the Virus while doing their assigned duties. The students have suffered badly in absence of regular classes , the online lessons and teaching being a poor substitute with many not having access to the facility for whatever reason. 

The light at the end of dark tunnel had seemingly appeared in the shape of Vaccines being developed and administered , but now we see mutated forms of Virus coming from various quarters adding to the woes of humanity and rendering all efforts made in this behalf inadequate if not infructuous.

There is no complete respite in view, and the precautions are to be taken to stay safe .

Good luck to all.

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