Friday, January 5, 2018

C. Ramchandra

Today is the death anniversary of Ramchandra Narhar Chitalkar, better known as C. Ramchandra a popular and highly talented composer and music director.He composed music for more than a hundred Hindi films alone besides some Marathi and Tamil films and gave some unforgettable timeless melodies.
The films for which he composed music include Anarkali,Albela, Azaad, Navrang, Parchhain, Patanga, Aanchal, Amardeep,Asha,Bahurani, Devta,Insaaniyat, Jhamela, Nadiya ke Paar,Nausherwan-e- Adil, Paighaam, Rajtilak, Rootha Na Karo, Samadhi,Samrat Chandragupt, Yasmin and many many others.

He sang a few songs also under the name Chitalkar, notable among them the ones he sang for Azaad and Albela.
The Anarkali songs in particular catapulted him to fame.
Born on 12th January, 1918, he died this day in 1982, seven days short of completing 64 years on the planet Earth.
Our humble tributes to the maestro !

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