Saturday, April 25, 2020

Corona Musings

Corona Virus has emerged as the worst medical emergency in the recent past claiming a large number of casualties in many countries of the world. How long this will continue only God knows . The worldwide ramifications in terms of Economic slowdown affecting all sectors and resulting in  loss of employment   and making the weak sections the weaker are simply alarming. No amount of tears is sufficient to be  shed for the people daily  falling victims to the virus and losing their life battling it . Comparison of numerical figures of the dead is hardly any consolation. In near or distant future, a remedy by way of some vaccines or some other formulation may stop and stem the  menace. Slowly in the years to come, Economic growth may also recuperate with improvement under various parameters. 
The worst that has happened is  also manifest in the change in the social outlook  vis a vis the victims.  Some insensitive landlords have misbehaved with the suspected victims as also the cured ones asking them to vacate accommodation  and the aggrieved persons have had to seek Government intervention in the matter. 
Most painful is the case of  next of kin of the victims refusing to take the dead body and  resultantly Government officials on duty chipping in to cremate.
The humanity is being tested in more ways than one, some failing the test and others coming out with flying colours.
Kudos to the Corona warriors !! me

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