Sunday, April 26, 2020

Corona- Random Thoughts

For most of the people, the haircut is a necessary ritual  observed  monthly or bimonthly  depending on the growth of hair on the scalp. I must admit that I have to be persuaded or cajoled into  going for a haircut  as I am not too willing to go to a barber's shop.
I  had a hair cut a bit longer than two months back  and  now my wife says that I am due for a haircut. But where to go and how to get this done is the moot question  in these  Corona ridden times. Quite rightly and justifiably the saloons and barber shops have been ordered to be closed as a preventive measure to combat  the Virus. After all the main plank of the exercise  called social distancing cannot be allowed to be flouted or compromised. The barber  stands close enough behind you or on the sides to do the job . The long device like a branch cutter has not been devised as yet to cut and clip unwanted growth of hair which could ensure social distancing . My wife would volunteer to do the job but  I have neither the tools nor the equipment  to facilitate this. We have two good enough barber shops at a walkable distance albeit in the opposite direction, which saves me the need to go to the fancier Deluxe on the Mall .
But ironically too near also seems too  far in these days of curfew and lockdown. For many days to come I have to live and bear with Kishore Kumar looks as in the movie Padosan .

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