Friday, April 17, 2020

Corona Virus

It is nice and quite encouraging to see fellow beings putting up a brave front in the face of  a  worldwide disaster which is going to be there for pretty long.A close look at the current scenario shows  how inadequate and helpless we really are despite our claims of wonderful scientific achievements.An invisible virus has brought the world to knees. The rich and the well to do can afford to abide by the instructions and the safeguards pronounced ad infinitum by the knowledgeable people on media and sit at home indulging in and catching  up with pursuits for long put in the back burner for long for lack of time or leisure . The worst hit are the poor, caught in the vortex and not getting enough to eat despite many organisations coming forward to cook food and distribute it among the needy.The economy already hitting a low is sure to get worse during  many years to come and shall requiire meticulous planning to put it again on the rails.The labour in large numbers left by their employers  to fend for themselves in this difficult time had no alternative except to head for home carrying their meagre belongings on head.It may not be easy to find labour immediately in case various industrial and other activities were to resume.
All praise to the medical fraternity  putting their best and making all out efforts to  provide care to the afflicted and to the personnel maintaining and providing essential services, exposed as they are to the attendant risks. The seamy and unpleasant sight of doctors and others being attacked  by unruly elements is really worrisome.

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