Thursday, April 23, 2020

Pre- Corona days

I look back wistfully at pre- Corona days.We were free to move anywhere with out fear , shook hands with friends as a spontaneous and reflex actiob, even made  jaffi waffi with close friends , but no longer now. It is a total disconnect from the real world except making and receiving occasional phone calls or taking to neighbours from a safe  distance. Baljee's, my favourite haunt on the Mall closed last July. The once in a while vegetarian lunch at Gupta jee's  in Middle Bazar is now a thing of the past.
Now the virtual world comes to rescue. Amid securing knowledge of whatever is happening around, the social Media is an all purpose platform.
To live the past, I became member of a group on Facebook the members of which post pictures of delicacies prepared by them at home. The choice of stuff is wide open , snacks and sweets included. I savour and gorge on Samosa, Jalebi, Dosa , and cooked dishes of vegetables .
In addition, a friend comes up with all types of dishes every other day .
I partake of all the vegetarian stuff on offer as I have to live upto someone's not so flattering or charitable a remark " You live only to eat !"

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