Wednesday, June 10, 2020


It needs no rocket science to know and conclude that we are a highly indisciplined lot. The Government in its 'wisdom' decided to loosen the grip of lockdown  and unlocked many a place to enable people to resume economic activity to save the country from a further economic disaster. It didn't mean that everything was fine or that   Corona had lost its teeth. To the contrary the per day addition of cases at  ten thousand or thereabouts  has become alarming . The projection that Delhi alone might account for 5.50 lakh cases towards July end, not to speak of the escalation country wide  is really worrisome.How are we going to cope up with this should be the concern of everyone. Admitted we have a large number of Corona Warriors who have risen to the occasion to face and fight the menace head on, some of them have lost their life also because of the all time attendant risk. This does not need to overemphasize that we are  miserably short of equipment of every kind  that is required, in addition to the manpower which of course we seem to have in abundance.
In the wake of the present scenario, we could at least take minimum necessary precautions in our own interest and of others around. There were reports of a Restaurant serving customers inside , while only taking away eatables is allowed. When the authorities went to stop them, the customers started protesting .
Similar is the case with non observance of social distancing. In some places this might be difficult but could be best avoided at many places. There was a picture of  men sitting huddled on benches, like in  ordinary times albeit with masks on, while the dogs were lying asleep maintaining the 'desired 'distance. Not a sign of educated and
informed  persons, we claim to be.
Lastly, small courtesies like  going in hordes to congratulate someone and to offer good wishes  on assuming office  better be  kept for normal times .

Corona is there and can not be wished  away. Even local visits to near and dear ones are a big No. This is going to be pretty  long  before we can expect visits from kids who are working hundreds of miles away. Corona has forced us to have a superhuman or subhuman existence in Aristotle's term.

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