Thursday, June 4, 2020

Corona DAYS

कॉरोना जो कराए वो कम है, और जो न कराए वो भी कम है ! The invisible Virus has made its presence felt any time, any where so much so that every one has become circumspect about the presence of the other. The safety mantra is to think that  every stranger you see or come across is a Corona victim and a potential carrier. Leading a retired life, I can afford to sit smug at home, not encountering many mask wearing persons. Somehow, I have become used to the daily visit of milk vendor and the garbage collector.

The other day, I had some problem with the Net connection of my Computer and unwittingly made a  complaint online telephonically. The signals having improved considerably, I am able to do net surfing on mobile but for some purposes, I need to work on computer.
The BSNL man rang up and asked about the problem . Avoiding  home visit for understandably good reason he suggested some  possible remedies but  none worked. I did not  press him much but he came and joined the broken wire and restored the. connection. I thanked him and he left. But  a storm was waiting. After a short while, the lady of the house had finished her pooja and came out. I became the subject of her ire and she took remand saying why I had to call someone and couldn't I put up with a little inconvenience  ! I could see the concern behind this tirade, as I being of age expressly reported to be vulnerable and susceptible, could bring trouble on me and resultantly on her also. It took me a while to pacify her .
How excessive concern can sometimes become cumbersome !!

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