Wednesday, June 24, 2020


As I type this holding my cell phone in my right hand  and  tap my left hand finger on the  keyboard, the thought amuses me. If  I were to write the text on paper, I would do so with my right hand. So what I am, a  lefty or a  'righty'?
In Cricket jargon  I am a right- handed batsman but a left - handed bowler.
I am told ninety percent  of people are right- handed, which is considered the norm. The remaining ten percent are left- handed or lefty which is an aberration . I choose not to use the somewhat harsh sounding 'abnormal'.
There's in built tendency to be right handed or left handed depending on which side of the brain is more active. It is widely believed that right - handed people have more active left side of the brain and converse applies to the  left handed people. I call those parents and teachers naïve who force their kids  to  use right hand for writing and eating , quite ignorant of the  medico- scientific reason behind. It is also an established fact that left- handed people are intelligent, creative geniuses , no less than the others. 
However they are disadvantaged as regards the use of some appliances that seem specifically made for the right handed people. For example the domestic sewing machine. Another disadvantage came to my notice  during my University days where I found seminar chairs  in class room fixed with mini tables on the right side. My left handed friends had to keep extra chair on the left to be able to place  note book    on the table and to write. 
The term 'left handed  compliment' smacks of a built-in bias.  On the ideological side, left and right  represent diametrically opposite views but more of that  later !

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