Saturday, June 27, 2020


With the Corona cases crossing  five Lakh and the death toll exceeding fifteen thousand, the scene in India is alarming as we may see a further hike in number of fresh cases coming to light in the coming days due to increase in the  daily quantum of tests  being conducted.The comparison of high or low figures of incidence being deceptive leaves little reason for complacency.
The media focus on Delhi and Maharashtra concentrating on high figures of  incidence and mortality  suggests some bias as they are losing sight of or deliberately underplaying the fact of the test conducted / being conducted  per million of population state wise.A just and proper conparison is likely to present  a different picture from the one being projected now. When some reasonable voices talked about accelerating the pace of tests the same were  scoffed at and were not given the attention they deserved . In between till now we have seen the issues of tablighi Jamaat, and exodus of migrant labourers rushing to their homes in very compelling circumstances. Now we see the return of labourers to various  places to resume work after lifting of blockdown.There is no immediate remedy in sight , the WHO also talking about the development of a vaccine not before a year.
For a long time to come there is going to be no respite from taking precautions like mask wearing and  physical distancing. Worst hit are also the students, e -classes and online teaching proving but a poor and not a viable alternative. The resumption of economic activities may provide some solace in terms of employment. The resumption of  normal life  for all  seems a distant dream !

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