Thursday, August 6, 2020


It is already four months and a half since the first lockdown happened in the last week of March. Contrary to the popular saying, much water has accumulated every where not in the ordinary sense of rain water causing flood like situation and water logging  at many places, which is for everyone to see and lament about, but also in the  daily increasing number of Covid infected persons, with no respite in view . The casualty number almost touching forty thousand is alarming enough per se. This brings to the point the fact that your life is precious for you and your next of kin  and for others whether alive or dead you are a damn figure .
I for one think that I must live through the Corona crisis ,  not for my own sake that for my wife and kids, if not otherwise willed. I feel like a museum piece of some value to be preserved. 
No festivity, celebration has a buoying effect and seems rather transitory under the shadow of Corona .
How long will this last is nobody's guess !!

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