Wednesday, August 19, 2020


 Corona besides making all other horrible changes in our daily lives has added the trouble of sanitizing all things bought and brought from outside and of washing the vegetables etc before they find room in the kitchen shelves. I have not moved out from my home even before the Corona threat started so I have to order many things of urgent need online. Anticipating the need for a new mobile charger, I ordered one . It arrived and was delivered to me. The lady of the house वहम की मारी, the way she is, tore open the outer package, and placed the packet on a chair kept outside to expose it to the Sun for some time. Now monkeys are frequent visitors ,so I did keep watch for some time but smug in the belief that monkeys would not touch something uneatable, I became busy with other things. After two hours or so my wife saw the torn packet on one side of the lawn. The packet contained the plug only and plug was missing.Much against my otherwise cool and calm temperament , I gave a bit of my mind to her for indulging in so much fuss about Corona etc. Thinking that the monkey might have thrown the cable to the neighbour's courtyard , my asked a lady living nearby to look for the same. It was not an easy task to look for and find a black color bundled up cable in grass and I had lost all hope of retrieval. But miraculously, the lady found it and handed over. Both of us thanked the lady profusely.

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