Friday, August 7, 2020

Shimla Musings

 Thanks to the Remote Sensing  technique and devices available, we  now have near accurate weather predictions days in advance with sufficient time to prepare for and mitigate the disaster caused by storms and cyclones  by taking necessary precautionary measures. This was not so in the ' 50s, '60s and ' 70s when we grew up. 

The rains were quite unpredictable . Leaving umbrella at home while going to school on a Sunny morning had us caught unawares when it rained heavily  at the time of our returning home. That meant waiting for the rain to subside if not stop altogether. Similarly perforce  we had  to carry  Umbrella if it was raining in the morning and the same umbrella would appear to be an unnecessary burden if it was not raining at the time of returning home.

The same thing happened on a Saturday when I was in school. The school hours had ended early and it was Sunny . I stopped by at Ram Bazar near bifurcation  to the Ripon  Hospital ( now Deen Dayal Upadhyay  Hospital) to tie up loosened show laces . I hung up the umbrella on the railing. After tying the laces, I moved on. As I reached the Command complex, I realised that I had left my umbrella behind. I rushed back to the place and much to my relief found the umbrella there. The umbrella  cost Rs.6 or Rs.7 , quite an amount  at that time. I was afraid  of the scoldings I would get if I had lost the umbrella.

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