Friday, August 14, 2020

Shimla Musings

 The journey  so far on the page of this group has been quite pleasant and rewarding.On a personal note, I must say that many hidden  facts about my  hometown Shimla, where I  am residing even today have become known to me, thanks to some very knowledgeable members of this group. It is sheer pleasure to go through some nostalgic accounts posted by some members who have lived in Shimla for long and short durations. That shows they must be missing out on certain things which are or were peculiar to Shimla only. Coming sometimes to Shimla from Kinnaur where I served for more than eight years in two spells , always filled me with joy whenever I reached the fenced portion on the left side of the road a few meters short of Dhali.Similarly  coming back from Delhi etc,  has had  me in raptures with the ascending journey that starts from Parwanoo upwards. Not the least rewarding has been the coming across of childhood friends, I grew up with, some Seniors in School , I looked upon as ideals for a number of reasons. Some juniors in school and college who went places and are  leading  happy retired lives , and some others who did not know me but were familiar to me.

There is plenty of writing and photographic talent visible among the members of this group.

Thanks again to the worthy Admin(s) of the group for bringing the whole lot together on this common forum !

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