Sunday, August 12, 2018


Being a Shimlaite, I have been a compulsive walker especially in my young age. In my twenties  during early years of my employment, I was a frequent visitor to Chandigarh on one pretext or the other.I could not resist having a long walk even there without caring to be an odd man out as people there move about in car, scooter, mobike or even plain bicycle. Many others have the option of a cycle rickshaw.
Once during one of my sojourns,I took a walk from Sector 35- where I was staying- to  Sector 17 along the main road through Sector 22. As I reached the Parade Ground, I was face to face with a roadside vendor selling hair oil of some kind.As our eyes met , in his typical manner, he asked me to go for some oil.
Not concerned or conscious about my looks,I said my hair was Okay.
Seeing a potential customer slipping out of his hands, he started a verbal salvo in Hindi- Urdu mix - kya khaak  theek hain, rookhe sookhe betarteeb baal hain..etc.
Not taken in by his persuasion, I moved on , did my usual loitering and window- shopping and returned to my place again walking.
His words  rang in my ears and on an impulse I had a look at myself in the mirror.My hair did appear dry  and unkempt as he had suggested.
But soon, I brushed aside the matter but was simply impressed by his salesmanship and  marketing strategy.
This was not a big deal anyways, but don't we get duped time and again by many people including politicians who by their all too well known  false promises are able to garner our votes !

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