Sunday, July 7, 2019

Baljee's restaurant

Exactly a year ago, I had written a post about the imminent closure of  the Baljee's restaurant after about a year . I had expressed my concern accordingly as  apart from being  a  popular eating joint  serving  South  Indian and  routine Veg/ Non- Veg  food and snacks,  it has  the facility of over the counter purchase of sweets for home as well as for savouring hot Gulab Jamuns , just standing there .
The other day when a friend posted a video figuring Shimla eateries like   Indian Coffee  House , Baljee's & a Tikki- Chaat shop, a localite helping the host particularly mentioned eating Gulab Jamuns at the Baljee's and pointed out to the  expected  rather apprehended closure of the Restaurant on 10th of July. Every Shimlaite is going to miss this landmark .
On a personal note, I am taken back to my college days in the early '70s when we came here , not frequently though as it seemed a bit upmarket in view of the limited amount of pocket money we received. The choice then fell alternatively to The Indian Coffee House and the Himani restaurant, which we could afford.
In the early days of my employment at Shimla, I used to alternate between Baljee's and the Indian Coffee House.Baljee's was also preferred because on demand, songs and ghazals were played on the music system.
For more than a decade now , my visits to the Mall have become few and far between, but Baljee's is the only place I visit to have tea and the South Indian stuff like, Dosa, Vada or Idli, any other place being a second choice.
I feel concerned for the eighty odd number of staff employed there, who will face crunch.
Alas the day has arrived  !

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