Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nashad- music director

Today is the birth anniversary of  music director Nashad ( not to be confused with another outstanding  Bollywood music director  Naushad Ali), who was active in Bollywood in  '40s & '50s and composed music . The songs composed by him for movies 'Naghma' and 'Baradari' became very popular and  are played to this day . A song in film Naghma - Kahe Jadu kiya, mujhko itna bata jadugar balma - was beautifully sung by Ameerbai  Karanataki   & Shamshad Begum separately.Another
song from the same film - Badi mushkil se dil ki  beqarari ko qarar aya - sung by Shamshad Begum is very popular. The duet  -bhula nahin dena ji bhula nahin dena- sung by Rafi & Lata , and Tasveer Banata hun , tasveer nahin banati - sung by Talat Mahmood particularly stand out.
He migrated to Pakistan in 1964 and composed music for films there .
He died  on 14 January, 1981, aged 57.

Our humble tributes !

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