Friday, May 1, 2020


We are through 38 days of lockdown and still there is little hope of an early respite from Corona. Corona Warriors of all types are doing a wonderful job risking their own lives and some of them losing out to save others. No one had imagined such disastrous situation would  prevail and persist the world over. One had seen doctors and other medical staff wearing masks while conducting surgeries or treating  some communicable diseases but now wearing masks seems the new normal even for a common citizen,  if there is need to move out for making essential purchases or doing other unavoidable chores.The plight of poor people is all too evident as apart from health hazards common to all, they face unemployment which makes keeping body and soul together difficult. The welfare of kins living at distant places for job purposes is the overriding concern. There's forced sitting before the TV screen to obtain updates on the Corona menace . After a long time, if there's some escape from this situation, things are not going to remain the same. There may be some positive outcome in the form of clear sky, air and environment , but all this is coming for a heavy price. Watching distant hills from plains can only be a momentary and short duration pleasure.

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