Tuesday, May 12, 2020


I have previously written that I am a stay-at- home type and lockdown hardly makes wee bit difference to my daily routine. The truth remains ,taken at the face value  yet with some difference.
The third lockdown is about to end on 17th May and in all likelihood we are in for a  fourth one albeit with some variations in the shape of some restrictions being lifted, where the prevailing conditions so permit. Though this is in the best interest of public as a safety measure in view of the increasing number of people testing positive and making the position worrisome and alarming. On the other side is the resultant loss of jobs for a large chunk of  working population, engaged in some kind of employment. We have already seen the plight of migrant labourers desperate to rush home covering hundreds of kilometers on foot  under most unavoidable miserable circumstances. Not that help has not come their way, but the same has fallen far short  of requirement besides the good intentions of persons and organisations that matter.
Some activities have been allowed to resume but  they may take pretty long  to be put on rails.
On a micro, personal and individual level there is difference between willingly staying at home and being  forced by circumstances to stay at home. We are bound by societal and familial obligations like visiting near and dear ones locally or otherwise to lend emotional support or to strengthen ties.
All this is  being done through phone calls on day to day basis.
Things can have some semblance of   normalcy, only on restoration of public transport which may appear to early to expect in the given circumstances . With overall decline of growth in all sectors, the coming times are not going to be easy  at all. My worry is for the entire young and working generation.
I find it difficult to share the optimism of the poet Robert Browning who wrote ," God is in His heaven and all's right with the world ."

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