Sunday, May 31, 2020


We are almost done with 4th lockdown and tomorrow we enter 5th lockdown, euphemistically called Unlock - 1. These last two months plus or  9 weeks of continuous lockdown with some relaxation  periodically allowed in various ways . Not  to mention the indescribable plight of 'unwanted 'guest labourers  seeking to return home in absence of employment  and money to sustain, the overall picture has been only dismal. The growing unemployment and  literally squeezed job market, halt to industrial activity have played havoc with Economy and resulted in a jolt to the common people.
The medical and paramedical  personnel, the safai karamcharis, and Police have gone an extra mile to discharge their assigned duties, some misgivings notwithstanding . Kudos to them and also to  NGOs, Gurudwara Committees, Film personalities like Salman Khan , Aamir Khan , and Sonu Sood , extending all possible help to the poor people in different ways.  Amid the alarming daily increase in the number of people found infected with the Virus, some satisfaction can be derived from  the number of people getting cured  daily and the less rate of mortality.
The realisation has at last dawned that continuous lockdown is not the solution and economic activity has to resume  slowly.The student community is no less badly affected. Studies have suffered and examination schedule has been disturbed. The alternative resorted to in the shape of e -classes and online teaching is not viable nor is this a substitute to regular  classroom teaching.
The period of hand holding is over . From  school students, we have graduated to being College/ University students, expected to look after ourselves and know what is good for us and what is not. In short discipline is the keyword, be it distancing or mask wearing or exercising other precautions for our own safety and of others.

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