Thursday, May 14, 2020


Yesterday, the lady of the house decided to go to the Mall / Lower Bazar  to get some medicines and other items which are not available in the suburban market that caters to the place we live in . Mall/ Lower Bazar is five kilometer or thereabout from our place , though a straight walk but not a small distance to cover on foot. The taxi operator whom  I normally engage to move about when asked, told me to go for an e- pass online . Since this required the submission of  scanned picture of Aadhaar Card of the driver and the passenger along with the Registration number of Vehicle and the mention of places to be visited or travelled to, I did not consider this option . It was decided that she would go on foot  and on return would be picked up by her brother from near the DC Office and he would drop her home.
Off she went on foot in the afternoon , made the necessary purchases  and came back as per the plan. There is Police almost at everywhere to check violations and to help people. Waiting or sitting  at the shelter near CTO is not allowed, to keep safe.
She had a bath on return . The assortment of purchases included a  pair  of scissors to facilitate a haircut at home. I know that the scissors are not of the required type but  something is better than nothing.  I am apprehensive of an offer from her to do me the honours of a haircut, which I may not be able to resist or counter , literally commandeered as I feel as officially being of age vulnerable to Corona. There is no escape from this over protective environment.
Like it or not , when scissors have come, can a haircut be far behind !!

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