Friday, May 22, 2020



These days everything I try to put into words has to be Corona centric. Permit me to tweak Nana Patekar's  line like this ' ek Virus saala poori duniya to pangu bana deta hai........' !
Yes that is the scenario none of my generation has seen before.  The Virus has proved an equalizer and a leveler only to the extent that every one who has to move out has to cover mouth and  nose with a mask as a safeguard lest some droplets of the Virus enter the body system with alarming consequences. Never before did any stranger appear a  'potential carrier' who could infect you. And if you have come home from abroad or some other part of the country, there is  period of 
14 days to 28 days of  obligatory  quarantine prescribed. Only  after coming out of this, you are welcome home. 
The harrowing pictures of the migrant labour returning home on foot and facing all types of odds along the way beggar all description. Only the heart less wouldn't feel something churning and burning within. The threat of worsening  unemployment situation looms large. In normal times, the poorest of the poor were managing themselves somehow but now they are in dire need of immediate help in cash and kind. The petty politics being played and the arrogance of those who matter is not going to help. Rather it adds to the woes of the worst hit .Parties and leaders are busy in  blame game and mud slinging.  The new normal has to be accepted.
There are conflicting notes of hope and despair floating in the air. The shrieking and shouting TV anchors  exude no hope . 
The super cyclone Amphan has brought havoc on West Bengal and Odisha with loss of precious human lives, not to talk of the damage and destruction of public/ private property and infrastructure. It may take a long time for the situation to come back to normal. 
For the time being a layman's advice to my fellow beings is to shed egotism and arrogance , if some of it is still left .
We are all equally helpless before Nature's might !

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