Friday, August 12, 2016

Being helpful how fulfilling !

Nature , God or the Providence have strange ways to help you when time comes.This fact has manifested itself before me not once but quite a number of times, whether it concerned me or others. 
I would like to share an incident that occurred some eighteen years back. 
Some months after his marriage, my brother in law- Saala sahib- had gone with his wife to Chandigarh to have her Ph.D. thesis typed and bound . As the conversation started , my brother in law told him that he had come from Shimla. It was revealed that the person had lost his brother some time back in a road accident somewhere in Kinnaur and he was in urgent need of the copy of FIR or Police report in the matter , which despite efforts made was not forthcoming. As I happened to be posted in Kinnaur at that time, my brother in law talked to me on telephone and. gave him my name and official address to enable him to write a letter. After 4-5 days, I received a letter from the person giving particulars of his late brother and date and place of the incident. He had tucked in a hundred rupee note in the envelope also. Sitting in the District HQ , it apparently was not difficult to get the work done. I rang up the concerned Police station , requesting them to do the needful. Without loss of time , the copy of Police report was made available to me . I sent it to the concerned person along with amount that he had sent. After three-four days , the person rang me up expressing his sincere thanks, for the purported ‘favour’ done, also saying “Sir,apne to paise bhi waapis bhej diye” .I told him it had not cost anything. If he was happy , I too felt satisfaction of having been of some help to him.

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