Thursday, August 11, 2016


उर्दू है जिसका नाम , हमीं जानते हैं ‘दाग़’
सारे जहां में धूम हमारी ज़बां की है
These words of ‘Daagh’ Dehalvi ring true in my ears.. The language has fascinated me since my growing up years. While in school, once during vacation, on my request my father bought for me an Urdu Qaida but unfortunately I could not go beyond learning and writing the alphabet.I found it pretty difficult to join alphabets to form words However, I did pick up sufficient vocabulary, listening regularly to the Urdu service of AIR and BBC. This came handy in my day to day working when later, I was assigned to the Revenue Service of the State, where there was proliferation of Urdu terminology in use since Todar Mall’s time , even in writing some orders though script was Hindi or Devnagari. Though much of Urdu shayari and literature is available in transcription, I feel handicapped , not being able to read and write Urdu.
In short, Urdu is Greek to me !

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