Friday, November 3, 2017


Today is the death anniversary of Reshma , the singer.
“Char dina da pyaar o rabba, badi lambi judai………”
When folk singer Reshma from across the border lent her beautiful voice to this song for the Bollywood flick “Hero “ in the eighties, this came as a whiff of fresh air as the singer’s voice apart from timbre had a folksy charm to it. The song became and is still popular after more than three decades down the line. Reshma’s had become a household name for every music lover.
Thanks to YouTube, many a time I have listened to a captivating duet by her and Pervez Mehdi-
“ Goriye mein jana pardes ………….” .
Both the singers come out at their best in this composition and literally it transports me to another world. Reshma, who always was soft spoken , and to hear her voice rising to a crescendo when singing is indeed a wonderful experience. Again that earthy/ folksy charm comes to the fore.
Our humble tributes to the great singer.

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