Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Birthday !

12 June1954, तदानुसार 30 ज्येष्ठ 2012 विक्रमी.
I was born this day in a rented accommodation at Annadale ,Shimla.It was a Saturday and and I was born at about 10PM.
An interesting anecdote which was recounted and retold later many times in different contexts.
My grandfather, into his seventies at that time who had come visiting us in Summer as usual had gone to bed. My father, playing a joke told him that a daughter was birn. Grandfather did not utter a word and covered his face with quilt.
Mercifully no gender bias but a genuine concern of a parent finding the balance tilting on one side as two daughters were already there.
In the morning,when my birth was  disclosed, he immediately got up, had a bath and after light refreshment, waled up to Lower Bazar. It was something pleasant for all to see him back with a metal bath tub or a 'tasla' as it is called in common colloquial language .It was some metal, yellow in color, though not brass.The bath tub remained with us for many years as a memento of sorts.
In these six decades plus,I have seen a lot , happening and changing. As a toddler I have been ' witness' to a plane , trial landing at Annandale, but taking off with much difficulty !

Enough for today !

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