Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day

The year was 1966, the month December. I was to appear in  Board’s examination of Class VIII.The exam was conducted   under the aegis and control of  the District Education Officer and was external in nature,  hence the importance attached to it . There was a competition among Schools to show  good results as  a comparison was  always made after the results were out. To ensure that the students were  well prepared and did well,  an hour’s extra class each  in the morning  and the evening was  the norm  for about two months, meaning  we had a grueling  routine  from 8:45 AM to  5: 30 PM . As ill luck would have it , I fell  sick with high fever  in the first week of December,  the ailment diagnosed as Typhoid.In normal ordinary times, this would have been taken in the stride , but the matter was serious and of immense concern as the Exams were to start on 21st  December. Not being able to appear in the exam would straightway mean loss of one year . A serious student that I was, I wanted to appear in the exam , come what may. Resultantly a crash course of  treatment and medication was followed . The extraordinary  care that   my parents took got me out of the fever but I was too weak  to move on my own. I prepared for the exam in my own way, sitting in the bed covered with quilts and a folded quilt behind my back to recline against. Frequent , periodic hot water bottle was in place to keep me warm . I was on liquid diet, supplemented with some fruit . 
The  day of the start of examination arrived. We lived in Lower Kaithu area, and the center of Examination was Govermnent Higher Secondary School, Lal Pani , down below the Bus stand.
All covered up with normal warm clothings and a blanket, accompanied and supported my father, I had to walk slowly  the entire distance on foot in that condition .
Leaving me at the Examination  Hall, my father would go and wait , sitting at a Halwai shop at a distance above . After the  paper, I would find him waiting for me outside the Hall , in the playground . He would hold me by the arm, take me to the Halwai shop , and I would have a glass of milk before starting on back journey on foot again.On reaching home , a hot water bottle was  already there in the bed . After some light food and some rest I would  brush up for the next day .  We had seven papers in all, and this was the routine .
Why I am writing this today ? 
Well, isn’t this time for me  to remember my father for this and many other things he did for me   !

Happy Father’s Day !

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