Sunday, September 15, 2019

Brutality of Men in Khaki

For the last two days I have been preoccupied with the high-handedness or plain dadagiri of the Police of Siddharthnagar Distt.  of Uttar Pradesh when they nearly  killed an auto driver  in the presence of his five year old nephew on the pretext of some violation of the recently amended Motor Vehicle Act. A channel rightly compared the beating and manhandling of the victim to killing of Jarasandh by Bhim in the Mahabharat by tearing the legs apart. The visuals did suggest  this. But for the video recording of the episode going viral, this blatantly cruel and uncalled for brutal action of the men in khaki would have gone unnoticed , without them facing the consequences .Even now despite their having been placed under suspension and the assurance that they will be charged with and tried for alleged  attempt to murder, there is little hope of the Police learning to behave themselves. This is only one of the many instances of Police exceeding their brief and not getting  to pay for their actions. They seem to be under the impression that they can do any thing in the name of Law & Order. They were equally in the eye of the storm when they beat up even innocent boys and girls  and came down heavily as  ill conceived anti - Romeo squad.
Once again they seem to have been let loose on the public in the name of traffic rules violations.In any case they rough up only the apparently  weaker and vulnerable class of people and literally cower before the high and mighty. Of sadistic  nature , they seem to be always waiting for an opportunity to throw about their weight.
One can only wistfully hope for the better times !!

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