Thursday, September 5, 2019


In right earnest, we cannot be prejudiced towards any profession, job or calling as we need people from all fields to plod through life.But yes, on a  personal note, I put teaching, medical, Armed forces on top , as these are not mere jobs or professions but  much more besides as these entail  enormous social & national responsibilities . Unfortunately, in our country we already have a job crunch and most of us end up being round pegs in a square hole or vice versa . Good if one is in the profession or calling  by choice and not with the compulsions of only making both ends meet. More than anything this applies to the teaching fraternity , keeping in view the all important role that they are called upon to play.
The importance of a teacher is highlighted in films and film songs as well.
Of the  movies I happened to see, Jagriti comes to mind that shows an ideal teacher . The song 'Aao bachcho tumhen dikhayen jhanki Hindustan ki' is a case in point. Another movie is :Boond jo Ban Gayi Moti', and the song ' Hari Hari Vasundhara Pe Neela Neela ye Gagan '. Another song from Ganga Jumna ' Insaaf ki dagar pe Bachchon dikhao chal ke' has a permanent appeal .
Yes, and I forgot to mention Bachcho Tum Taqdir ho Kal ke Hindustan ki ' from film 'Asha' !
I never tire of listening to these songs  .
Happy Teachers Day !!

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