Sunday, September 8, 2019

Chandrayaan 2 & Ram Jethmalani

How does Sunday or Monday matter to a non- working  retired person like me  !
Perhaps not at all.  But  Sunday or any other public holiday does matter a lot  to students especially School students and employees to whom a day off means an opportunity to relax as well as to catch up with a lot. During early  days of  my employment at Shimla,  I spent Sundays having a nap after brunch, browsing through the magazines and newspapers that  I subscribed to. Newspaper had a special charm because of the extra Magazine section that made interesting reading .I also fondly remember that  my  father was also in the habit of a nap after brunch. It was a given  that either of us who got up early  would prepare two cups of tea and wake up the other to have it. My father had a fastidious taste for tea and  the fact that he approved of  tea prepared by me  made me happy that at least I could make good tea.
Coming to the Chandrayaan 2, kudos to the ISRO scientists for the enormous amount of efforts in the project despite last moment glitch.  No credit however to the  over enthusiastic visual Media that  put up  amusingly hyperbolic headlines  prior to the momentous event . Same trend was visible at the time of Cricket World Cup.
Today itself we have lost Ram Jethmalani, a  leading lawyer & a former Union Law  Minister.  A person of impeccable credentials as far as legal acumen is concerned, his remaining active till into his nineties was simply amazing .
Humble tributes to the luminary !!

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