Sunday, September 22, 2019

Facebook or No Facebook

The other day when a learned  and revered friend put up a post spelling out his own dilemma whether or not to continue with Facebook for very cogent reasons, I faced with almost the same situation put up my comments that  I am happy to repeat and reproduce below.

My take on Facebook is simple. I find it an important and useful interactive forum to reach out to maximum number of people from all walks of life. In  my  ten years of presence on Facebook,out of which seven years post retirement, I have come across wonderful, creative , intelligent people and this otherwise could not have been possible. Being a retired person, I have no time constraints and can log on anytime of my choice.
It is neither possible nor necessary to comment on each and every post, so I have my own preferences. I rarely post or comment on posts with an insinuating political content or having political overtones or undertones . Being interested in Literature, I thoroughly enjoy poetry and other literary pieces and comment on them  if necessary. I also enjoy personal reminiscences posted by friends  and others. I consider it my  privilege to respond to Morning wishes put up by friends and also convey Birthday wishes. As for my own posts, others may judge. The best way is to have some schedule fixed in the morning / Evening to interact, so that other routine is not disturbed.
Facebook  provides liberty of every kind.
In addition I must confess that  my reading has taken a back seat as  I have not been able to go through a few books purchased over a period  sometime back. Facebook and Internet , however do compensate to quite some extent as being windows to the outside world. Social Media is now forcing mainstream media to fall in line and not to suppress news and information in order to pursue their  own express agenda .
It is appalling to see what kind of Public Representatives we are throwing up .
The buck does not stop there. Surprisingly, such obnoxious elements continue to enjoy the tacit and often open support of their partymen who have no qualms about  expressing their solidarity.
It is also amusing to see some friends who burst into poetry at the discomfiture of a particular political entity, sitting smug and nonchalant at some other  similar situation.

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