Sunday, January 31, 2021



 Living literally the life of  a recluse  since my  retirement from service  more than  eight years back, now the things have come full circle  since   Covid rocked the World and assumed the dimensions of a Pandemic in March last. There is no need to repeat and mention again how the Covid Pandemic wreaked havoc upon our lives in more ways than one. 

One could not simply close one's eyes on the existing  horrible scenario, unless one were insensitive enough, devoid completely of humane feelings . 

Fortunately with an inbuilt mechanism against what is commonly known as depression, nothing affects me so  easily . However, I am fed up with over protective environment prevailing for months now. To be on the safe side, finally I had to call the barber home to have a proper hair cut, as the trimmer proved only a  makeshift arrangement.

Another realization that comes to mind is the value I have put on my life, with so many persons, known or unknown have fallen  fatal victims to Covid.

Again  with now Vaccine having entered the scene, it is no win- win  situation as yet, with doubts arising  not only as to its efficacy, but also the apprehension of its side effects. 

On a lighter and not altogether unfounded note, one of the Facebook friends came up with a very inventive idea about the dilemma people find themselves in thus :

मिलो न तुम तो हम घबराएं,  मिलो तो आँख चुराएं हमें क्या हो गया है....!

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