Tuesday, January 12, 2021


  A ray of hope however dim it may appear  is in sight after a long time .I have already mentioned in some of my previous posts that to me , a retired person leading a laidback life ,forced restrictions on movement are not a big deal. But on other accounts I am as much a worried person as a common man can be in these circumstances. All through this Covid  period , I have closely followed news on mainstream  Media-printed & visual- and social media and have   read about and seen  the plight of people reported on day to day basis. The Economic recession , resulting in unemployment  and  deaths caused by Covid in such large numbers are the worst fall out of the Pandemic.

With the Vaccine  ready to be administered to health workers in the first instance and in  near future hitting the market for common use , there is optimism  and hope of some kind albeit with some reservations. Despite the va ccine , the precautions and safeguards are there to stay for a long long time.Physical distancing and mask will continue to be a   part of life till 100% immunity is achieved.

I am waiting for the day,  I may move about fearlessly, shaking hands with friends and exchanging pleasantries.  

Though never a regular on the Mall, and now with no charm left after the closure of my favourite Baljee's, I hope to have lunch at Gupta jee's in Middle Bazar. 

Next will come some random shopping at DCAR !

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