Thursday, January 21, 2021


 Today is the third and the last phase of PANCHAYAT ELECTIONS in Himachal Pradesh. The results in respect of Pradhan/Up Pradhan/ Ward Member in the Panchayats covered in first two phases are already out. The results of 

Pradhan/Up Pradhan/ Ward Member  of the Panchayats being covered today will also be out by late night today. The results of BDCs and Zila Parishads will be declared only tomorrow when counting is done. Except Covid Pandemic, Elections this time are no different than the earlier ones. 

One hopes that the elected Candidates 

meet the expectations and aspirations of their voters by working honestly and diligently for the development of their respective areas . 

It will be amusing to see the Political parties laying claim to the winning candidates as having been 'supported' by them. It is common knowledge that Elections for the PRIs are not held and contested on Party Symbols. Candidates file their nomination in individual capacity and symbols are allotted according to their names in the Alphabetical order.  No Political leader worth the name from outside the Panchayat/ BDC/ Zila Parishad ward comes for canvassing or holding public meetings / rallies. On the face of this the claims of Parties supporting the candidates seem hollow , unfounded and quite an aberration. There is only one aspect left  and that is of financial support . Again , if parties help a candidate financially out of the Party fund even on the sly, there is no point in holding the Election on independent non- Party symbols.  Ironically such unauthenticated claims make headlines of the Press, especially the Hindi newspapers.

The other amusing aspect is of the pictures of very old voters being carried to the Polling booth to gain publicity. Though this is a sign of healthy democracy, if very old people  participate in voting, there is no point in carrying sick people from  the comfort of their homes. Sometimes there are exaggerated claims regarding their age, which is nowhere documented.

Good luck to all who are in the fray !

Hail democracy and the spirit of democracy !!

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