Monday, January 11, 2021

COVID19 in 2021

 For months together we have been literally on our toes waiting anxiously for the magical Vaccine that  would rid us of the threat of Covid 19 and help lead normal lives. The medical scientists and researchers  across the world  worked day and night in this direction. Now that 2-3 types of Vaccine have come up and hit the market, the slugfest so  natural to the   immensely competitive  world of today has started sooner than later. The doubting Thomases waxed eloquent about some imaginary or imagined misgivings, but mercifully not lent much of ear. The rival manufacturers and developers have made claims and counter claims about the comparative efficacy of various brands and types, which might get  get laid to rest in due course. The sad incident of  death of a young volunteer offering himself for the testing in MP is no doubt a dampener and rightly has invited an Inquiry as to the cause of death. 

The Government of India has already made a roadmap and issued guidelines for the order and manner in which Vaccine is to administered , considering all aspects. The countrywide launching of vaccination program is slated for 16th this month. A beginning has been made. We hope to meet with the desired results. We as people have suffered enough one way or the other.

Good luck to us all  !!

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