Saturday, July 23, 2016

Shiv Kumar Batalvi

Today is the birth anniversary of Shiv Kumar Batalvi, the doyen of Punjabi Romantic poetry. Intensity of passion, deep pathos , pangs of separation and heart wrenching pain of the lover are the hallmark of his poetry. He is also called the Keats of Punjabi poetry in terms of similarity of feelings and passion and a love for beauty.Both the poets died young.
Shiv Batalvi was the youngest recipient of the Sahitya Academy Award, which he won for his epic poem Loona.His others works include Maina- an elegy for a girl of the same name whom he had seen at a fair in Baijnath and later when he went again to look for her, he was told of her death.
Our humble tributes to this 'Vichhore da Sultan !

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