Thursday, March 15, 2018

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I  was amused to read a joke somewhere  wherein  a conversation  went on   between  a  Police Officer and his subordinate  a la  the  popular TV serial  CID- Daya , kuchh  pata  chala  ?
“Did you gather some information about the incident ?”
“Yes, Sir !   The woman shot her husband in the foot  for walking on wet floor.”
“Why didn’t you arrest her ?”
“ Sir, the floor has not dried  as yet  !”
I am more or less also sailing in the same boat except that   mercifully we do.not possess  any such weapon. The lady of the house, a cleanliness buff  or a freak  also gets angry  if  such  an incident comes to pass. I play it safe by stepping out  and having a walk outside till she  is done with all cleaning and mopping. In fact, she herself calls me out to   prepare  a second cup of morning tea for both of us.
Often she laments and complains  about  heavy  domestic  chores taking toll   in the form of tiredness. But then habits die hard. No budging from the daily routine, come what may !
A caring, dutiful, and well meaning  husband , that I can safely claim myself to be, I want to do my little bit  but  I  avoid being confronted with the verbal tirades lke   ‘ ye kya  kar diya , sarey mein pani  gira diya ….’
But  do help her in my own way  as  when she is out for a short while, in her absence  I do dishes and utensils like  kadahi, pressure cooker , plates and bowls , not leaving anything in the sink. By the time she  comes, everything  is spick &  span and   in  apple pie  order and she cannot complain  about anything.

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