Wednesday, January 16, 2019

In a lighter vein


I have made this humble submission and admission a number of times that my culinary skills are limited to making tea only but I can safely harbour the illusion that  I am fairly good at it. This is reinforced by the fact that my hard to please wife has come to admit albeit somewhat reluctantly that the tea which she prepares with ilaichi and other condiments is simply no match for the tea I make without these add- ons.
However, it proves my Waterloo, if asked to do anything more.
Only last week I had  what could have become a misadventure of some sort.
My son had come visiting on short leave.
One fine day, before going to the temple, my wife left some rice soaked in water in the pressure cooker asking me to boil it when we felt like having lunch.
At the time coinciding with the sarkari lunch time, I put the pressure cooker on the gas stove. At the appropriate time with cooker whistles , I put off the gas.
After sometime, when the steam had subsided, I opened the lid but found that rice had not cooked properly though, water had been absorbed.
Taking a chance , I put some water and placed the cooker on gas again. After sometime, I took it down and on opening the lid, I found that rice had cooked fine but some of it had got stuck to the sides and the bottom. Anyways, me and my son enjoyed our lunch.Not ready to face  the verbal tirades of the wife , especially in presence of my son, I took out the remaining rice, which was meant for my wife in a plate, scrubbed the cooker clean and again put the rice in it.
On her return from the temple, my wife found everything in order and didn't have an inkling as to what had happened.
Pains had gained peace for me !

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